Sex Education Platform

Involvement: research, strategy, identity, UI, UX, art direction, design

It’s Complicated originated when I attended a weekend Service Design Jam. We had 48 hours to respond to the brief ‘Grow’. 

Working with a team of 6, we identified the problem of a serious lack of sex education for teenagers. We discovered how important open, honest and comprehensive sexual health education is for their development and how much it is lacking in schools and online.  

After the event, we continued the project. We built a business model for a social enterprise, committed to bringing sexual education into the digital age. 

It’s Complicated is a online sexual education platform for British 11-15 year olds that focuses on sex, relationships and the body. All the content of the site is video based. It is a unique space to empower teenagers to build their knowledge and make their own choices. 


We worked with teen ambassadors, doctors, UX and tech advisors to design the site. I have created the branding, identity of the site and refined the design of the service through creating user journeys, wireframes and running focus groups.


Example content I created interviewing doctors.