the Unexpected journey

BILINGUAL comic book

What Design Can Do, UNHCR, Ikea Foundation

Involvement: Conception, Strategy, Design, Illustration

This is an entry was one of 25 shortlisted for the What Design Can Do competition. The challenge was to use design to help in the refugee crisis and integrate refugees better into urban areas. My idea was selected out of 630 ideas submitted from 70 countries, and was the only UK entry to be shortlisted. 

I designed the cover for thebilingual comic book given to refugee children and children in host countries. It is a graphic novel where half of the book is written from a refugee child’s viewpoint. The other half is written from a local child’s perspective, with the two stories converging in the middle. The book's purpose is to create empathy for refugees' coming to Europe, as well as an understanding of each individual child’s culture through an engaging story. The bilingual aspect helps the children to learn each other’s language. It will be translated into multiple languages to become a series across Europe.